2023: The Year the Russian Empire Died - by Juraj Mesík

October 24, 2023

All empires are mortal, and some die suddenly. The Russian Empire, renamed the Russian Federation, also faces an early sudden death. According to the author of this book, after the military defeat in Ukraine, the Russian “federation” will experience a rapid disintegration, similar to the disintegration of Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, and the Soviet Union after the fall of communism and the Russian defeat in Afghanistan. Russia is a giant with feet of clay, held together only by the forces of the repressive apparatus, megalomaniacal mythology, and the fl ow of money from oil and gas exports.

Russia’s attack on Ukraine exposed Russia’s military and economic weakness and dramatically weakened all the forces that held this extremely disparate country together. The collective West must prepare for the collapse of Russia, otherwise it will be caught off guard by developments, as it was after the collapse of the USSR. Democracies should not repeat their mistakes and errors from the 20th century, during which the West saved the Russian Empire three times, only to see Moscow became a threat to world peace three times.

Instead of the fourth rescue of the empire, according to the author, this time the policy of the West should focus on achieving the 5 D’s – its demilitarization, denuclearization, denazifi cation, decolonization, and gradual dismantling of the remnants of the Russian Empire. In this, the collective West can build on the positive and negative historical lessons from the controlled disintegration of the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires after 1918, as well as the Great German Empire and the Japanese Empire after 1945. Some of the most prosperous countries in the world

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