Praha Forum

document signed in Prague, July 17, 2022 by representatives of indigenous peoples and colonized regions of the Russian Federation

Siberia Map

Mindful of the potential risks and hazards inherent in our decision, we, in the pursuit of securing a liberated future for the peoples of Siberia

Helsingborg, Sweden

a critical document signed in Helsingborg, Kingdom of Sweden, on 8 December 2022. Authored by representatives of indigenous peoples and colonized regions within the Russian Federation, the memorandum serves as a significant marker in the ongoing political discourse surrounding the rights and aspirations of marginalized communities.

Forum Poland
Gdansk, Poland

Adopted and signed by participants of the Free Nations PostRussia Forum, September 24, 2022

Brussels forum

participants of the Free Nations PostRussia Forum, January 31, 2023, European Parliament, Brussels, Kingdom of Belgium

USA forum

April 27, 2023, Philadelphia, PA, USA, Participants of the Sixth Free Nations of PostRussia Forum


We, the representatives of different nations that currently live on the territory of Russia, and politicians and representatives of civil society of Japan


Participants of the Eighth Free Nations of PostRussia Forum


Decree on Territorial Organization of Independent States of the Post-Russian Space Rome & Berlin

Forum USA 2024 p1
Washington D.C., USA

Located in the heart of the free world, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, we, the representatives of national liberation, regional, and anti-colonial movements, still occupied by Moscovia

vilnius 2024

As long as Russia exists as a “united and indivisible” terrorist empire, there will be nopeace or tranquility for its inhabitants, its neighbors, or global security.

Decolonizing Russia: A Key to Long-Term Peace and the Creation of a New Architecture for Collective Security in Europe and the World

The Fifth Free Nations of PostRussia Forum took place on January 31 in Brussels at the European Parliament. The forum elevated the issue of liberating oppressed nations and regions to a higher level, prompting discussions across Europe and the world about the inevitability of decolonizing Russia as a prospective imperative.