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Forum in Japan 2023Forum in Japan 2023
Forum in Japan 2023Forum in Japan 2023

"Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, #Buryatia has become the region with the largest number of military casualties per capita. The exodus of dissidents increased - thousands of people left the country after the beginning of World War II, and especially the so-called "partial" mobilization"

R. Dugar-DePonte

Democratic movement "Buryad-Mongol Erkheten"

"The desire for independence is the only way for the peoples of Siberia to prosper"

Stanislav Suslov

Representative of the Siberian Independence Movement (United States of Siberia)

"Russia has a lot of similarities with the Ottoman Empire and has been following its historical trajectory"

"Russia, in its current imperial form, will never be an ally of the West and instead will always be its enemy"

Dr. Cemil Kerimoglu

Activist, blogger, expert in Russia and Eastern Europe

"However now, as we observe the Russian full-blown invasion of Ukraine, unfolding since 2/24/2022, a shift in a public discourse is happening. The public is growing in the realization that Russian colonialism exists, and that it uses exceedingly brutal methods"

Vasilina Orlova

writer, anthropologist, independent researcher

"Why the so-called democratic Moscow public will not come to power after the victory of Ukraine and the fall of the Putin regime"

Rinchin Gomboev

Activist, blogger, expert in Russia and Eastern Europe